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Copyright and proprietary right

NOVAIR websites, their design, texts, pictures, graphic elements, databases, animation files and downloads of any kind (summarised as "content") are protected by copyright. The websites or parts thereof must not be duplicated, changed, downloaded or used on any other websites, unless NOVAIR tells the user to proceed otherwise or consents to duplication or use in writing or by eMail. NOVAIR reserves all rights, in particular copyright, competition and proprietary right claims arising from the illicit use of NOVAIR websites or parts thereof together with the registered trademarks.


NOVAIR websites are for the purpose of information only. The description of products is no substitute for studying the instructions for use. All information and content on NOVAIR websites is non-committal.
NOVAIR assumes no liability for the completeness and correctness of the information and content on NOVAIR websites, unless NOVAIR has reached other explicit agreements with you or clearly intends to vouch for the completeness or correctness of information or content. NOVAIR reserves the right to change or update the information on its websites at any time without prior warning. This also applies to improvements and/or changes to the described products.
NOVAIR obligations in terms of products and services are limited exclusively to the contractually agreed scope in each case. NOVAIR websites do not contain any guarantee of properties or warranties of any kind.
We are liable for third-party content according to the statutory provisions. Insofar as a link gives access to third-party websites, we draw attention to the fact that we have no influence on the content and structure of third-party websites, and do not claim their content as our own.


Security warning

You are responsible for ensuring that the applications you use to access NOVAIR website are free of viruses. Use of the internet is involved with risks resulting from public access and the possibility of unauthorised third-party influence on the contents, and you have accepted these risks by using the Internet. NOV is not liable for any damage resulting from the realisation of these risks when using the Novait Group website or any linked website, unless Novait Group is responsible for the risk and its realisation. In particular Novait Group is not liable for stoppages or any loss of programs or other data in your IT systems.

Governing law

All legal transactions resulting from and in the context of using NOVAIR websites are subject to French law, precluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

Data protection warning

Personal data disclosed in using NOVAIR websites are collected, processed and used in compliance with the French data protection regulations and protecting your protectable concerns. We only use your data for advertising purposes if you have given your explicit corresponding consent.

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