Integrated Systems


NOVAIR Integrated Systems provides compact solutions for compression or suction to be integrated as an OEM component.

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For machinery or equipment manufacturers, our mini-compressors or mini-vacuum pumps meet the most demanding criteria in terms of energy, space required, noise level and reliability, while ensuring required flow and pressure.

Our solutions

Efficient and flexible, our technical and sales teams cultivate the "special product" spirit and are able to find innovative and appropriate solutions to your specific needs.
  • Bare blocks to be integrated directly by our customer (OEM - integrators / Replacement market )
  • Complete groups with buffer tank coming with all control and safety accessories as well as automatic drain, sound enclosure, output pressure regulators, etc...
  • Complete range of oil free mini / micro compressors and vacuum pumps


Among our developments... 

  Our Integrated System division has developed  a custom-made OEM component for one of our customers in the healthcare sector. Using advanced technology, we have designed a high quality, silent and reliable booster to be built in anti-bedsore mattresses.

With this solution, our client mattresses instantaneously adjust cushions pressure for patients 
better comfort and an improved quality of patient care.


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