Novair Industries

NOVAIR Industries designs custom-made solutions for gas production, compression and treatment, as well as for the production of vacuum. Our equipments are suitable for an intensive use in a wide variety of sectors: pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, food industry, renewable energy, aquaculture, water treatment, oil & petrochemicals, etc...

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Our solutions

  • Dry piston gas compressors, high or low pressure
  • Screw or piston air compressors
  • Industrial vacuum stations
  • Gas & biogas circulators
  • Oxygen & nitrogen generators
  • Compressed air, gas and biogas processing devices

Related services 

  • A dedicated engineering division working in compliance with the requirements of engineering and industrial departments while integrating economic, environmental and technical specifications of each customer.
  • Production of technical documentation in line with engineering norms
  • On site delivery and installation of your equipement by Novair technicians and engineers.
  • Customer training to the use of NOVAIR material and supply of a personalized user manual in the language of your choice.
  • After-sales service, preventive maintenance and repair


Among our clients...

  NOVAIR dry piston gas compressors have been exported to Qatar as part as the Pearl GTL project from Shell, to build an onshore factory of gaz liquefaction GTL (Gas to Liquids).
  Supply of a waterproof & ATEX hydrogen circulators 
  Supply of a vacuum station as part of the manufacturing process of Ariane 5 launcher. 

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